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My Countdown

My Countdown




i want people to like things i like but i don’t because they’re my things

i have finally found a text post that sums up my entire life in a sentence

like this should be my senior yearbook quote

no it’s my thing

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does dr pepper have real pepper in it

no but i heard it has real doctors in it


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My question is who actually got OFFENDED that Niall swore? If he called me a cunt I think I would cry tears of joy and put it on my résumé.

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why would you do that to me


why would you do that to me

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I never wanted the throne

I never wanted the throne

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Niall Horan - Hair porn

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    ↳ 92/100 pictures of Tom Hiddleston 


    ↳ 92/100 pictures of Tom Hiddleston 

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